Now servicing the Akron Canton Ohio area! I’ve set up shop in Canal Fulton, just a short drive from Akron, Canton, Massilon, Wooster, Cleveland (if you have the gas), Pittsburgh (if you have a lot of gas). 

I’m Nick Hinds. I started my career as a guitar tech in Denver in 2009. I’ve worked in a number of repair shops in the city and had the benefit of learning the trade from several experienced and well respected techs. For the past four years I’ve been the guitar repair tech at Flipside Music in Denver, CO. 

My specialties include certified Evertune installations, stainless steel refrets, and all manner of work pertaining to extended range and super strat heavy metal guitars and basses.

I do excellent Floyd, Kahler, and Evertune setups along with fret work and electronics repair and mods. Whether you’re switching a passive bass to fully active with 3-band EQ or looking for a Fishman Fluence install with a new route for the rechargeable battery pack there isn’t an electronic mod I can’t handle. 

Check out my blog section for some interesting jobs I’ve done in the past or head over to for a more day to day peak at my work. Feel free to text me at my instagram or 720-336-0140. I look forward to working with you.


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