Another short 8

In my last post I complained about the Ibanez RG 8, a 27 inch 8 string guitar that’s too short for drop E. Today I cut and paste those same complaints onto the ESP LTD SC-208.


Only the SC-208 is even shorter at 26 inches and the owner needs to go down to C#1!!! That’s the lowest C# on a standard 88 key piano, the second black key, with a string gauge around 0.2 inches and 55 inches long on a grand piano. So let’s see if we can make it work on this thing.


Someone was drunk on the LTD line that day. String through holes don’t line up with the bridge. Not a big problem for most of the strings but we’re stuffing a 0.090 and a 0.070 on the bottom two so you know what that means…



File out the tuner and the bridge plate. Fortunately the strings had normal ball ends and didn’t need a larger ferrule. Problem now is the intonation. That low string is too thick to be able to pull the saddle back far enough to be in tune at the 12th.


Anyway, what matters that it’s all set up and ready to roll. That C# might be an indecipherable thud but I’m just here to fix them.



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