Neck shave, heal carve, pickup swap

I’ve neglected the website but I have been busy in the shop. Just finished a cool job on a Jackson 7 string the involved thinning the neck, carving the heel, and a pickup swap.


First: Neck shave. Plenty of ways to do it. I prefer my Veritas spoke shave for the bulk of the operation.


I measured the neck thickness at the first fret to be 0.802″, 0.890″ at the 12th, and 0.920″ at the 15th. After taking a few passes to dial in a consistent cutting depth I go to town, measuring a shaving every ten passes to ensure my math will add up. I’m being conservative and only taking 0.030″ off since I don’t know how deep the rod channel is and want to avoid blowing into it. I suppose it’s possible to figure that out, or even call up Jackson and ask, but time constraints mean I gotta jump to it.

After shaping the contour and sanding the next step is oiling the neck. The previous poly finish was glossy and had a bit of drag, Danish oil will protect the wood while still giving the neck a bare/satin kind of feel.




Second: Carving the obnoxious heel. I’m doing a simple bevel. Went at it with a course rasp file. Cleaned it up with a scraper and a bit of sanding. Then stained and sealed it quick. You can see how thick the finish is. Took a few attempts to cut the line straight, it kept chipping out on me. Suppose it’s time for new exacto blades. Also had to countersink the screw hole, ditch the neck mounting ferrule, and cut down the screw.


Third: Pickup swap. These are actually DiMarzio 7 string PAF’s. The BN boxes are for show… Anyway the first problem was the PAF’s were attached to surface mounting back plates. Not gonna work. So I took the plates off the existing pickups and put the DiMarzio coils on those. Not a perfect fit but it worked. Next was wiring the 3way pickup switch so the inner coils are active in position 2, with the bridge and neck doing what they do on 1 and 3. Not a problem except that the hot and ground lead needed to be swapped and a magnet had to be flipped to ensure everything was in phase. I only realized this after putting the pickups in, stringing it up, and hearing the inner coils were out of phase. Anyway, fixed that, set it up, sent it home to its owner. He was happy. I was happy. Hope your happy. Schedule your appointment today.



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