Evertune Certified

Have you ever woken up, wondered who these people are in your place and which one of them played your guitar last night? How could they have knocked it out of tune so badly? Why does peanut butter belong in tremolo springs? And on the day of your first recording session after receiving your advance from the record company. You could be screwed but you had the insight to install an Evertune in your back up. Pretty hard for your drunken party pals to pull that puppy out of perfect pitch.

I understand new things are confusing. Self driving cars, VR goggles, the zombie apocalypse, it’s all over whelming. That’s what I’m here for. I dig into the gritty details of perpetually tuned guitar bridges so you can succeed at guitar or whatever else you do, maybe botany? That’s why I’m excited, proud, and all around elated to announce the Guitar Gutter is now a certified Evertune installer. We’re also the only certified installer in the front range.

If you haven’t tried one I have one on hand. If you have questions just call. If you need additional advice outside the guitar realm I’ll do my best.


Evertune Washburn


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