An Evertune too fat for you

I recently had a Schecter KM-7 mkII on the bench for an Evertune and Fishman Fluence install. These are deceptively thin bodied, thin necked shred machines that still have some heft being mostly swamp ash. I’ve worked on one of these before and had the sense when asked recently about installing an Evertune bridge itContinue reading “An Evertune too fat for you”

Guitar Gutter teams up with Flipside Music

Big news! Guitar Gutter Group Incorporated LLC is teaming up with Flipside Music at 1673 South Acoma Street Denver CO, 80223 as their primary guitar repair service solution. This means easy drop off and pickup, easier transactions, and a selection of strings and accessories I neither have the space nor capital to provide, along with aContinue reading “Guitar Gutter teams up with Flipside Music”

Projects brewing in the Gutter

I’ve neglected this web site for some time. As you can see on the sidebar, I’m more active on instagram. I chewed through the most jobs I’ve had since working out of the Gutter these last few months and have some breathing space. In the downtime im tackling some larger repair and restoration projects. KeepContinue reading “Projects brewing in the Gutter”