Kinda gross in the gutter…

This is not the update i wanted to post. Gutter living has it’s perks; little sun, spiders, hearing the neighbors above argue and bang, but there is a downside too. While away for the day chasing loose women and spilling boxes of loose screws on the floor of my favorite junk shop a pipe burst in my apartment last week. I came home to an inch of water over the whole place. I’m currently shacking up with political refugees. Anyway, no guitar services will be performed in the GuitarGutter for some time. Here, have a look



Projects brewing in the Gutter

I’ve neglected this web site for some time. As you can see on the sidebar, I’m more active on instagram. I chewed through the most jobs I’ve had since working out of the Gutter these last few months and have some breathing space. In the downtime im tackling some larger repair and restoration projects. Keep your eyes glued to this site. Make it your home page. Dont close your browser. Sleep with your phone on your fucking pillow. You dont want to miss this!

Back in the gutter

Due to time constraints I’ll no longer be working out of Flipside Music. I want to thank Ike for the oppurtunity and encourage everyone to check out this new guitar shop in Denver. They have a great pedal selection as well as guitars and amps you won’t find anywhere else in town!

I’ll continue to work out of the Gutter for the forseable future. Contact me as you always have, carrier pigeon.

Here to serve

Got a call this afternoon while taking a break from burning in hell (roofing at 99 degrees). A band called The Spill Canvas was looking for a pickup install by show time. I told the devil to tar his steep ass victorian him self, grabbed my tools, and went to the venue. Put a Seymour Duncan 59 in their Tele and did a little setup work. 
I’ll stay up late, come to where you are, even change your tire (unlike those big box guitar shops). So grab your guitar and come on down, just please call first, Satan gives me breaks but his place is 7 stories tall and it takes a while to climb down. #somerestforthewicked

The Guitar Gutter is Denver Colorado’s finest garden level guitar repair shop.

I’m Nick, your proprietor and private dancer. I’ve been a tech about town since 2008. I’ve seen some things. Some things I don’t want to talk about. Broken necks, cracked backs, crushed nuts, you name it. It’s always tough to see an older guitar in disrepair, neglected by previous owners. Down and out but still trying to play while choking on it’s notes. The streets can be tough. I can help. Let’s get that guitar out of the gutter.