Updated Dec of 2019

Evertune Installation!

Any model $300 -$350 – Plugs will be color matched (basic gloss or natural colors only, no satin, metal flake, etc)

Hardware – 6 string F, T, & G are $295.95 any finish. 7 strings are $355.  8 strings are $395
Evertune often has sales so hardware prices will reflect those on the Evertune website.


Acoustics $65 – Adjustments include saddle height, truss rod, nut slot depth, hardware tightening, bridge pin reaming, oil and clean fret board, restring (strings not included), clean interior of boogers and pennies

Electrics with stationary or non floating bridges $60- Includes all the stuff listed above (typing is boring) plus those adjustments inherent to electrics not found on grandpas guitars

Electrics with floaters $75 – Floyd’s basically, i do to them what you could only dream of if you had competent dreams ( if you can dream it you could do it right? Think i heard that somewhere. )

Custom bone or Graphtech saddles and nuts are charged in addition to the above setup fees (does not include parts charge). Bone six string nut – $40, Graphtech six string nut- $40, Compensated Bone saddle – $40


Electronic Repairs and Mods

Basic diagnostic and repair starts at $25

Passive pickup install $30 each

Active pickup install $35 each (if swapping from passive)

Full rewire starts at $70 (not including parts)


Fret work

Level and polish $130 (includes setup)

Refret no binding $250

Refret with binding $300

Stainless steel add $50


Structural repairs

We can hash out loudly like we were in a medieval bazaar. Buuuuuut

Acoustic bridge reglue – $100 and up

Headstock reglue – $100 and up

Prices may vary after the repair is complete and I might come knocking on your door late at night demanding payment

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